About me

Hi, I’m Hans Luyts, the founder of Ambertree. 

My background is in IT and data, and I'm fascinated by complex systems - like modern companies. Take someone with an incurably analytical mind, give them 15 years to deal with every imaginable information-related problem, and you'll get a person who can quickly get to the root of a chaotic situation, explain what the issues are, and come up with a solution. That’s my job, in a nutshell. But, since knowledge management is a relatively new and growing area, the first ten minutes of every conversation are usually spent explaining what it is that I do. 

It’s quicker to explain WHY I do it. I believe that companies should be platforms for personal growth. This can only happen when employees can do their best work and reach their full potential, instead of hamstrung by confusion and frustrating busywork. I aim to make it possible - by replacing chaos with clarity helping people learn, develop, and create. 

I'm fully independent and tech-agnostic, so I have no one-size-fits-all tool to sell and no buzzwords to throw at you. Trends happen, knowledge endures. My approach is to give teams what they need to overcome their challenges and confidently maintain their new way of working, but I'm always happy to come back if needed.

Do you want to know more?

Working with Hans has been a great experience. He is very knowledgeable about Knowledge Management as a topic, but also knows how to bridge between theory and praxis, and throughout remains mindful of the complexities of a large organization. He was very hands-on in his approach to our ServiceNow adoption, and doesn’t sweat the hard work of practical contribution. His soft approach and collaborative spirit has been well regarded and appreciated. I would highly recommend Hans to any organisation that is looking to improve their approach to Knowledge Management.

Peter Maeseele - BA Methodology Expert (Euroclear)

"Hans helped us set up a digital workflow of the activities needed to start a construction project. Through this, the process was standardized and all information is available in a central tool, reducing the time-to-competence of new employees of the involved services. 

He also ran a workshop around knowledge management and provided us with practical recommendations to improve our IT operations service delivery. It was an enjoyable collaboration."

Kenneth Claes - IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager (Willemen Groep)

"Hans joined our Expertise team with his Knowledge Management hat, helping us in reviewing the process, in assessing the expertise of teams across several divisions and re-thinking some of our process KPIs. We collaborated together on defining parallels between the Expertise Management and Knowledge Management and ways to bring these further in our organisation. His help was extremely valuable, as he proven to be very action and results oriented, collaborative and able to step back and bring new insights into the process. He integrated our team very rapidly and was a very appreciated colleague. I definitely recommend Hans to any organisation aiming to improve its processes and define & implement a Knowledge Management process." 

Nicoleta Codrea - Expertise Management (Euroclear)

"Hans worked in the method team. He worked as knowledge management expert. We needed his service in another area called expertise management (risk). Our team appreciated his support. The main key ideas were mainly coming from Hans and his analytical rationale helped a lot in our skills assessment exercise. He has the ability to simplify complex issue. He is a real eye opener on complex situation. He has strong analytical view. He understands the big picture quickly. He has a strong understanding of complex processes and has the ability of putting that into a simple drawing. He processes his idea quickly and demonstrates easily his idea is a real added value. He feeds the other ones thoughts with brilliant explanations. For all reasons mentioned above and many more, It sounds obvious to me that we all should have a "Hans Luyts" in every team.

Angela Baio - Expertise Management (Euroclear)

Hans is helping us to identify/analyze the current KB process within some of our projects. His methodology is structured and the 1st results he has provided us are relevant to our business and aligned to our needs. As we move forward in our collaboration and we implement his recommendations, we are getting one step closer into improving the knowledge flow in target. He is professional, flexible and easy to work with."

Veronica Navas - Team Leader (Stefanini)


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