"Knowledge management doesn’t have to be complicated. I make it simple."

Hello, I’m Hans Luyts. I'm a knowledge management consultant who works with IT managers who are tired of ineffective communication and knowledge utilization bottlenecking their team's productivity. My clients appreciate my systematic approach, vendor independence, and focus on results. 

If you want to eliminate waste, and achieve:

35% fewer incidents and escalations…
45% faster resolution times…
57% lower incident resolution costs…
45% higher customer satisfaction…
50% faster onboarding…

Then I can help. Schedule your free consultation with me today.

Do you want to eliminate waste, and deliver more value to customers?

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How does it work?


Step 1: Clarity First

We get clear on your situation and goals, and build a detailed action plan that covers people, process, technology, and governance.


Step 2: Empower People

We ensure your people are proficient in the right practices, and that your tools are optimized for your needs.


Step 3: Sustain Results

Do you need additional advice or capacity? We make sure the changes we made deliver long-term value.

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