If you’re not managing your knowledge, you’re managing chaos.

Ready to replace chaos with clarity?


It’s incredible what a good team can do.

Talented people doing what they are best at. Excelling individually and collectively. Showing up to do meaningful work day in, day out. Focusing on what really matters, and prepared for what will come next.

But that’s not what work looks like for most people.

There’s just too many meetings. Too many emails. Too much time spent on troubleshooting instead of delivering great service and building great products. Too much information that’s either out of reach, or out of date. And nowhere near enough team collaboration.

Individually, they can seem like small things.

But together, they become a force: a destructive one. Total chaos. It drains your team’s time and energy until you become just another business treading water. This chaos is what’s holding you back from doing what you do best. And the worst part is, many businesses think it’s normal. That there’s no other way.

And the worst part is ...

... many businesses think it’s normal. That there’s no other way.

But there is a better way.

It starts with understanding that a company’s knowledge is its most valuable capital, and learning how to manage that capital.

A move from chaos to clarity.

I help teams and organisations move from chaos to clarity and cohesion by giving them simple and effective knowledge management practices and advice.

Some of the companies I’ve helped:


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