[Case Study] Better IT knowledge sharing = happier customers

Let's be honest. IT teams have a love-hate relationship with knowledge management and sharing. You love how it could remove a lot of issues. You hate that it would create a lot of work. And the last you want is more work. You never have enough time, let alone for things that don't have clear and immediate benefits.

Unfortunately, I'm not a time wizard. I can't give you more hours - and if I did, you shouldn't spend them doing more work anyhow. I can, however, provide some clarity, help you avoid unnecessary hassle, and quickly get the best possible results.

First of all, what exactly do you need? I previously wrote that there are three kinds of knowledge management. Let's talk about service knowledge management, in particular.

The most popular approach for service knowledge management is Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®). KCS is a great toolbox, with simple and effective practices. It's completely compatible with ServiceNow, TOPDesk, and other leading ITSM tools too. If you already have these tools, you're pretty much set to go. Of course, like many other practices, it shouldn't be adopted blindly. It takes common sense and the right approach to get the optimal results. Still, I would recommend KCS to any service team looking to improve their efficiency.

Here are some results achieved with KCS by different IT teams. Don't look at the numbers at face value though. Imagine what achieving these would mean for you. Fewer calls? More time for real work. Happier customers? Fewer complaints. Lower costs? More budget to work with. 

HP (Infrastructure):

  • 5% increase in Net Promoter Score (to 69%)
  • 40% lower resolution time
  • 14% reduction in ticket volume and support costs
  • 25.000 out of 26.000 documented solutions directly available to customers
  • 7x increase in customer self-service within 12 month period

AVAYA (Unified Communications & Cloud):

  • Customer satisfaction improved by 12%
  • 53% increase in Net Promoter Score (to 52 points)
  • New knowledge available to customers within 24-36 hours after publishing
  • 50% lower resolution time
  • 57% reduction in cost / ticket
  • 66% reduction in overall support costs
  • 12% increase in employee engagement

ServiceNow (Service & Workflow Management):

  • 87% increase of direct link between ticket and article
  • 52% faster resolution time

Quest (Data & Infrastructure Management) :

  • Customer Experience increased from 38% to 68.1%
  • Net Promotor Score increased to 77%
  • Service success increased from 47.6% to 57.9%
  • Increased the link rate (tickets solved by reusing a knowledge article) from 36% to 67%
  • Raised the percentage of new knowledge published before ticket closure from 0.3% to 95%

Salesforce (Cloud CRM)

  • 87% adoption rate among 13.000 employees
  • 524 out of 900 articles created in-resolution
  • 10% link rate

Verisign (Domain Registry and Internet Infrastructure):

  • Reduced number of tickets by 88%

Extreme Networks (Infrastructure)

  • Reduced customer support interactions from 9% to 4%
  • 85% reported low customer effort
  • Quadrupled self-service success in one year
  • More than 80% customer feedback on knowledge articles is positive

What would getting similar results mean for your team?

It doesn’t take all that much to get these either. The KCS practices integrate completely into your existing service delivery process. So, the investment and adoption required is minimal.

If you’d like to know how this could be done in your team, book a free call with me. Even if you’re just curious right now, our 45 minute talk will give you clarity and save you weeks of research. No strings attached.



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